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Ejercicios - Preposiciones utilizadas con medios de transporte

1.- Selecciona una preposición para completar las siguientes oraciones.

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1)Daniel came from Spain plane
2)The accident took place when the old woman was getting the taxi
3)My house is not far from here: we can go foot
4)You can go the bus number 11 to the centre of town
5)We can go to the zoo my car
6)From Cordoba to Barcelona you can go the 09:15 train
7)Get my car immediately!
8)How do you prefer to go to England, train or by bus?
9)Come on! Get the train! It is leaving
10)The best way to move in Paris is underground
11)The police ordered me to stop and get my motorbike
12)George, it is time to go board
13)The cowboy got his horse and went into the saloon
14)Last summer my parents went to Rome car
15)From the airport to the hotel we went a very old taxi
16)I really enjoyed it when I went to Mallorca a sailing boat
17)The fastest way to cross the channel is hovercraft
18)The police went car
19)It is possible to go to the post office foot?
20)My sister went to the village her bicycle
21)The robbers went a black van and drove off
22)The fire brigade arrived to the valley helicopter
23)To go to the hospital you should get the bus at the next stop
24)The president of Italy arrived in Paris plane
25)When it is sunny I go to work my bicycle
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