Ejercicios - Preposiciones de tiempo: At / On / In

1. Selecciona una preposición para completar las siguientes oraciones.

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1)The film starts 10 o'clock
2)I am sure that I will finish my report Sunday
3)I was born in Seville 1964
4)I think that the best time to go to Paris is Christmas
5)My brother will arrive from London Friday afternoon
6)I want to organize a big party my birthday
7)In Madrid it is very cold winter
8)Napoleon lived the 19th century
9)We can go to the beach the weekend
10)I usually get up six o'clock
11)Normally I feel very tired night
12)The final match will take place 15 November
13)I prefer to play tennis the evenings
14)I started to work in this company February
15)We can go to the theatre Friday evening
16)In the office I have one hour free lunch time
17)In my family it is a tradition to dinner together Christmas day
18)The Olympic Games took place in Barcelona 1992
19) summer, Seville is full of tourist
20)The American astronaut Amstrong went to the Moon 1969
21)The first time I went to London I arrived two o'clock in the morning
22)I will finish my studies December
23)My family usually goes to mass Sunday morning
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