Ejercicios - Preposiciones de movimiento: To / In / On / At

1. Selecciona una preposición de movimiento para completar las siguientes oraciones. En algunas oraciones puede que no haya que utilizar ninguna preposición; indícalo con una X. (En algunos casos podría ser igualmente valida alguna otra respuesta diferente a la que aquí se facilita)

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1)Can you come home this evening?
2)The students went the school and crossed the road
3)When George arrived the bookshop, it was closed
4)Jack flew New York from Mexico DC
5)Sunday morning my family goes church
6)The climber went the top of the mountain
7)We arrived Paris last Friday evening
8)Helen was coming Geneva by car when she had the accident
9)The robbers went the jewellery shop before it was open
10)After dinner we got the cinema to see the new film of Almodovar
11)It was very late so I decided to go the airport by taxi
12)The bees landed the rose
13)This road goes straight the beach
14)I arrived school with my kids
15)We went the building through the car park
16)If you want to go Cordoba you should get the next train
17)In the middle of the storm the fighter landed the aircraft carrier
18)The builders went the scaffolding to repair the roof
19)The dentist arrived his surgery at 10 o'clock
20)The dog jumped the bed to play with the child
21)The train comes Barcelona with a 2 hour delay
22)This morning my brother arrived work very late
23)The snow fell the court and the match had to be suspended
24)My parents arrived Athens yesterday night
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