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Ejercicios - Preposiciones de movimiento (II)

1. Selecciona una preposición de movimiento para completar las siguientes oraciones. Aunque en las respuestas se dan unas soluciones puede que otras alternativas también sean válidas.

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1)Every morning I run half an hour the tennis court (alrededor)
2)He went to the cellar and picked a bottle of red wine
3)The athletes ran the track training for the Olympic Games
4)I like walking the beach early in the morning
5)The missile passed the city and exploded at the airport
6)The plane went and crashed into the village
7)The helicopter flies the jungle looking for survivors of the plane crash
8)The rescue team went the mine to try to help the trapped miners
9)The sailing boat sails the beach
10)The petrol flows the pipe into the engine
11)The river flows the sea
12)The swallows fly their nests
13)Martin ran the street from one side to the other
14)The fire engine ran the runway while the plane on fire tried to land
15)The ferry sails the channel from France to England
16)My cat ran the tree and chased a little bird
17)The train passed the tunnel at a very high speed
18)After the collision the Russian submarine went to the surface
19)The American rockets fly Mars
20)The storks fly the tower looking for a place for their nest (alrededor)
21)Can your horse jump that fence?
22)The bullet entered the window and hit the kidnapper
23)The terrorist went the border into Italy
24)The child kicked the ball and it went the wall and hit a pedestrian
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