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Ejercicios - Phrasal verbs: To Put

1. Completa los siguientes phrasal verbs. (Aparte de las soluciones que aquí se dan, otras alternativas pueden ser igualmente válidas).

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1)When he knew that he wasn't going to be promoted he was very much put
2)Caroline has put for a post as financial advisor but she doesn't have enough experience
3)It is very rude to put someone ; you should have very good reasons to do that
4)Due to the bad weather the excursion has been put to the next week-end
5)Life here is a little bit uncomfortable; we have to put with the noise and the smoke of that factory
6)In our firm everyone is invited to put new suggestions
7)They have to put a scaffolding round that old building
8)Could you put the washing machine ? I don't know which button to press
9)My watch is 10 minutes slow; I have to put it
10)Mark has bought a new TV but need someone to put him to it
11)Could you help me to put this necklace?
12)He never intervenes in the meetings; I put it to his shyness
13)You cannot put yourself this hardware in your computer; you should call an expert
14)The plane crashed after taking off; the investigators put it to a technical error
15)Due to the hurricane in Cuba my friends have put their trip there
16)The fire-fighter have worked two days without stopping to put that fire
17)When the time finished the teacher asked us to put the pencils
18)Mark, when finish reading the newspaper put it on the table, please
19)I put his address because I feared I could forget it
20)My boss always put the light when he leaves his office
21)If you want to change your car you have to start putting money
22)An impressive crane has been put in front of my house
23)The army couldn't put The army couldn't put
24)This computer is very easy to use; you only have to put it
25)Why did you pick that frame up? Please, put it , you can break it
26)This clock gains; you should put it
27)She is very unreliable; always is putting everyone for some stupid reason
28)In our department the boss is the only person who put new ideas
29)The police put the revolt after two days of negotiations
30)I don't know how to put this new radio in my car
31)I put his telephone number but I don't remember where
32)You shouldn't spend all your salary; you should put some money
33)For technical reasons our flight has been put 5 hours
34)I don't know how to use this computer. John, could you put me to it?
35)My company is looking for new graduates. Why don't you put for it?
36)Due to the shuttle accident Nasa has put its space programme
37)I don't understand him; he always take my calculator but never put it
38)In the office I have to put with my boss; he trys to make my life miserable
39)My granddad put his glasses and started to read the newspaper
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