Ejercicios - Phrasal verbs: To Make

1. Completa los siguientes phrasal verbs. (Aparte de las soluciones que aquí se dan, otras alternativas pueden ser igualmente válidas).

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1)It was very foggy and I couldn't make the road
2)My friend made his arguments with his wife
3)It was too late so I decided to make home
4)The government coalition is made of many different small parties
5)I cannot make how I lost my wallet
6)My wife always make herself before going out
7)My brother is very creative and make new games all the time
8)The gang made when the police arrived
9)For me it is completely impossible to make his handwriting
10)The robbers escaped with the money and made the mountains
11)The queen's hair band is made of many diamonds
12)He made his problems with his father and now they have a very good relationship
13)The mechanic didn't make which was the problem of my car
14)In the end he made his mind to buy a new car
15)The hall was very noisy and I couldn't make what he was saying
16)The presenters have to make their faces before appearing on TV
17)Every night I have to make new tales for my kids
18)Jupiter is mad of different sort of gases
19)Our financial director made with the money of the company
20)When I saw your father this morning he was making his office
21)Two very dangerous prisoners made from jail
22)That boy is a liar; he is making excuses all the time
23)She doesn't know how to make her face
24)The 10 per cent of the Spanish population is made of immigrants
25)I cannot make why this television doesn't work
26)You should made your disputes with your boss
27)I don't believe him; I am sure that he has made this story
28)My son hasn't made up his mind yet what to study
29)In autumn the birds make the south
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