Ejercicios - Phrasal verbs: To Look

1. Completa los siguientes phrasal verbs. (Aparte de las soluciones que aquí se dan, otras alternativas pueden ser igualmente válidas).

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1)They are looking to their trip to Africa
2)Look ! Go back! the tree is coming down
3)Could you look my kids this evening?
4)How did you hand your report without looking over it?
5)You should look and make plans for this summer
6)Yesterday, coming back from the airport, he looked to see his girlfriend
7)Look that car! It is going to crash
8)He looked all the ties but finally didn't buy anyone
9)When you look there are many things in your life that you don't like
10)I had to look all those papers to find the phone bill
11)What are you doing? I am looking my keys
12)You can look her phone number in that phone book
13)I am looking to the next week-end
14)The police is still looking the terrorist attack
15)We should look a new apartment. This is too small for us
16)This sea is quite dangerous, if you want to swim you should look
17)This summer I didn't travel abroad because I had to look my parents
18)The journalist didn't have time to look his article
19)Look the ball and hit it with your racket
20)The seller looked the price of the printer in the catalogue
21)It is important to look and to learn from the errors
22)If you decide to buy an old car you should look it
23)Have you seen my wife? I have been two hours looking her
24)I am looking to seeing you again
25)Tell your kids to look when crossing the road
26)I still don't know who could look my dog next Saturday
27)The president want me to look the accounts of our off-shore branch
28)Look the ceiling; have you seen that crack before?
29)He is still in bed; this evening I will look
30)You cannot change the past but can look to avoid to make the same errors
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