Ejercicios - Phrasal verbs: To Break

1. Completa los siguientes phrasal verbs. (Aparte de la solución que se indica puede haber otras alternativas igualmente válidas)

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1)My computer broke yesterday evening and I couldn't finish my report
2)My girlfriend broke our engagement two months before our wedding
3)I planned to go to Madrid on my motorbike but it broke
4)You always break when I speak
5)He very often does that, starts talking and suddenly breaks
6)A war between these two countries can break at any moment
7)He took a sheet and broke a piece
8)The two companies broke their negotiation without any explanation
9)Do you know how the Spanish population breaks into age-groups?
10)The couple were arguing but broke when their daughter appeared
11)The thieves broke my flat during the night
12)Two terrorists have broken of prison by helicopter
13)A big rock broke and rolled down the mountains
14)Mexico broke diplomatic relation with Cuba due to different disagreements
15)The managing director broke the number of clients into 5 different categories
16)Our wedding celebration broke at 6 o'clock in the morning
17)After winning the tournament the tennis player broke
18)Two planes crashed in the air and broke
19)It is very impolite to break when another person speaks
20)A tile broke and fell out of the roof
21)My lawnmower broke and now I had to call a mechanic
22)That family broke after the parents' divorce
23)Two persons broke the National Museum and stole a very famous painting
24)The English Summer Course broke at 31st August
25)He hit the door and broke it
26)Three very dangerous terrorists have broken of jail and the police is on the alert
27)My boss got furious because someone broke when he was telling us about the new campaign
28)The fire in the warehouse broke at 4 o'clock in the morning
29)When my friend knew he had been fired he broke
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