Ejercicios - "Past simple" vs "Present perfect"

1. Escribe el verbo entre paréntesis en "past simple" o "present perfect" según corresponda:

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1)They and are now on their honeymoon (To get married)
2)I studying 10 years ago (To finish)
3)I a very interesting book about the Spanish Empire (recientemente) (To finish)
4)I the watch that my wife gave me on our honeymoon (To lose)
5)This morning I to the Spanish Embassy in Paris (To be) (todavía es por la mañana)
6)They five years ago in Napoles (To get married)
7)Today I a program on television about Africa (To watch)
8)This is the first time I to the Theatre (To be)
9)Today I tennis with my nephew (To play)
10)My mother is not at home, she to the school to speak to my teacher (To go)
11)Where have you been this afternoon? I in a restaurant with my wife (To be)
12)When I to London I visited the National Gallery (To go)
13)A week ago I a very interesting book about Islamic culture (To read)
14)I four men yesterday morning near my office (To see)
15)This year I my studies (To finish)
16)When I was a child I tennis with my dad (To play)
17)Your boss you yesterday evening (To phone)
18)Today I my father several times but I haven't been able to contact him (To phone)(todavía es por la mañana)
19)Americans to the Moon in 1969 (To go)
20)A few days ago I a very interesting programme on television about hunting (To watch)
21)I went to the Russian Circus when I Moscow (To visit)
22)I have already too much. I should stop now because I have to drive later (To drink)
23)Oh! I my watch. Have you seen it? (To lose)
24)Last Friday I a lot at my friends wedding. I couldn't drive back home (To drink)
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