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Ejercicios - "Past simple" vs "Past perfect"

1.- Escribe el verbo entre paréntesis en "past perfect" o "past simple" según corresponda:

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1)My father in Madrid when he was young (To live)
2)David's car was very new; he just it (To buy)
3)Ann passed her exam because she a lot (To study)
4)Last summer my parents went to London; they there before (To be)
5)When the police arrived the terrorist just one hostage (To kill) (acababa de suceder)
6)Mark didn't me to his birthday party (To invite)
7)Yesterday morning my kids to the zoo (To go)
8)Ten years ago I 100.000 euros for my house (To pay)
9)When I saw your father I didn't recognize him. He a lot (To change)
10)The first time I my wife was in Paris during the Roland Garros Tournament (To meet)
11)Last night I to bed very late because I was reading a book (To go)
12)I didn't see my brother last summer. He in France (To be)
13)I arrived very late at the party and my friends just (To leave) (acababan de marcharse)
14)Mr Wilson alone in his castle (To die)
15)Last September the village was very quiet: the holiday makers already (To leave) (pocos días antes)
16)Last time I went to Barcelona they the Olympic Village (To open)(poco tiempo antes)
17)When the bomb exploded the police already the building (To evacuate)
18)I for an American firm for 10 years (To work) (ya no trabajo)
19)We our trip to Italy a lot (To enjoy)
20)When the helicopter finally arrived the oil tanker (To sink)
21)When the vaccine was finally developed that strange illness already thousands of people (To kill)
22)The bomb in front of the police station (To explode)
23)The public the referee during the match (To insult)
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