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Ejercicios - No-one / Anyone / Nobody / Anybody

1.- Indica en cuales de las siguientes oraciones hay que utilizar "no-one" / "anyone" / "nobody" / "anybody" /"nothing" / "anything" / "nowhere" / "anywhere" / "no" o "any":

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1) will vote for a party with such extremist ideologies
2)You won't find who wants to support your party
3)Nowadays you cannot travel without a credit card
4) you will find people so friendly like in my country
5) can help you to solve that problem; you have to do it yourself
6)I haven't found interesting in that bookshop
7) information was given when the flight was delayed
8) wrote to me while I was in Finland
9)I feel a little bit embarrassed because I haven't brought for the party
10)You can trust me. I won't tell your secret to
11) complained when the flight was delayed
12)I cannot find explanation for his behaviour
13) told me that you called last night
14) the kids are better than in the school
15) is more important than health
16)Kevin hasn't phoned this morning
17)James is not going this summer; he will stay here
18) was arrested by the police after the robbery
19) good has happened to me in the last two weeks
20) will buy your car; it is too old and in a very bad condition
21)The accused didn't answer questions during the interrogation
22)I didn't hear noise last night; the thieves entered my flat very quietly
23)My sister didn't write to while she was in Ireland
24)I don't know who speaks Russian
25) knows that you have been promoted to general manager
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