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Ejercicios - Like / As

1. Completa las siguientes oraciones con "like" o "as".

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1)My boss is very strict; he is a sergeant
2)His house is very big; it is a castle
3)He has found a job in Marbella a gardener
4)The thief threatened the old couple using a screwdriver a weapon
5)During the war they used this local road an airfield
6)You must reply to the judge your lawyer has told you
7)When I finished my studies I started working an accountant
8)What a beautiful place! It is paradise
9)Can you swim that distance fast as I can?
10)My wife always behaves her mother
11)What a big dog! It is a pony
12)What a scandal in the restaurant! That person behaved a clown
13)Be careful! That dog is fierce a tiger
14)When he was young he worked in Paris a postman
15)Helen didn't pass her exam we expected
16)You can go to work walking I do. It is very healthy
17)When he was attacked in the street he reacted a coward
18)In summer they use the local school a sports centre
19)She is very funny. I really people like her
20)Who is that guy? He looks my teacher
21)I have brought you this book I promised
22)I wouldn't have reacted you did
23)Edward is really angry. He looks a madman
24)What a fantastic swimming pool! It is really big, a lake
25)George, you can work here my assistant
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