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Ejercicios - For / During

1. Completa las siguientes oraciones con "for" o "during".

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1)I have been waiting here three hours
2)The plumber has been repairing the tap 1 hour
3)I learnt to play tennis my childhood
4)My wife phoned me the film
5)Next December my friend is going abroad two weeks
6)I made a lot of friends my holiday in Greece
7)My boss received my message the meeting
8)The Conservative Party has been in power 8 years
9)The goal keeper injured himself the match
10)James has been in hospital 10 days
11)It snowed two days and we had to stay at home
12)The child has been crying hours
13)The murderer has been sent to prison 15 years
14)Jennifer started feeling bad the meal
15)The robber entered my house the night
16)I got married the summer of 1992
17)She has been reading the newspaper half an hour
18)The student has been doing his homework 3 hours
19)My son has been learning English 6 years
20)It rained a lot Christmas
21)Workers didn't receive their salaries the strike
22)I have been living in Spain 5 years
23)The student has been doing his homework the evening
24)Andrew has been very ill this winter
25)I fell asleep the afternoon
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