Aprender Inglés Jugando

Ejercicios - Consejos

1. Completa las siguientes expresiones de consejo (además de la solución señalada puede haber alguna otra alternativa también válida).

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1)I you to go this summer to England to improve your English
2)You had buy a new television set
3)It is you solved your problems with your brother
4)You move close to the city centre
5) don't you come with us to the mountains this week-end?
6)If I you I should speak with your boss
7)I you to visit in Madrid the museum "El Prado"
8)You leave the office a little bit earlier
9)It is you repair that broken window
10)You better changed your point of view about that subject
11)If I you I should call the police
12)You practice some sport; it is good for your health
13)It is you went back home
14)I you to change your insurance company
15) don't you change your glasses? They look a little bit out of date
16)It is you make a decision about your career
17)I you to study a little bit harder
18) I were you I should sell this house and would buy a new one
19)You better come with me to the theatre
20)I you to consult that problem with your doctor
21)If I you I would ask her to marry me
22)You study German; it is very important in your firm
23)It is you got involved in this project
24)You better finished your relationship with your girlfriend
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