Ejercicios - Can / May

1.- Elige "Can" o "May" para completar las siguientes oraciones, según sea la forma más habitual o aquella que se indica entre paréntesis:

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1)My boss speak English very fluently
2)You take my dictionary for your exam (formal)
3)Your sister come with us to the cinema. It depends on your mother (formal)
4)You open the bottle with that corkscrew
5)You use my computer if you want (formal)
6) you bring me a glass of water, please?
7)My father is very strong, he lift 100 kg
8)You enter the party with this invitation
9)You find that book in the Central Library
10) I switch on the light? I would like to read the newspaper (informal)
11)Philip use his father's motorbike
12)If you need it you use our lawnmower (formal)
13) you help me to clean the swimming pool, please?
14)I use the company car for private trips (informal)
15)There are rumours that the Spanish airline Iberia merge with British Airway
16)We are going to the park; you come with us if you want (formal)
17)With that telescope you see Mars
18)You should buy lottery tickets; you become millionaire
19) you help me to move this heavy box? I cannot do it on my own (informal)
20)If you have any questions you ask me (formal)
21)My brother works in the Air Force; he fly a fighter plane
22)If you study hard you pass your exams
23)During the flight you not use your mobile
24)With my savings I buy a new car
25)Mark doesn't answer the phone; he have left his office because he didn't feel well
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