Ejercicios - Can / Could

1.- Elige "Can" / "Could" / "Be able" para completar las siguientes oraciones, según sea la forma más habitual:

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1) I watch the football match in your house? (informal)
2)When I asked him, he said his daughter come with us to the party
3)You are very strong, I am sure that you lift a weight of 75 kilos
4)I told my son that it was too late and he not go to the party
5)If I continue training I will to run the marathon next summer
6)My father was very fit; he run a mile in less than 4 minutes
7) I open the window? It is very hot in here (formal)
8)The anaesthetist asked the doctor if he postpone the operation for at least one hour
9)The soldiers are very tired. Please, tell them that they rest for two hours
10)James says that his daughter come with us to the cinema
11)My boss gave me an invitation so I enter the conference
12)In this building you not smoke
13) I use your phone, please? (dirigiéndote a tu jefe)
14)Mr Wilson, I explain to you our new offer? (formal)
15) I use your phone, please? (dirigiéndote a un amigo)
16)If you continue drinking you won´t to drive home
17)With these new engines, rockets reach Mars in half the time than before
18)Henry, you be quiet, please?. I cannot concentrate (informal)
19)He go to France because he had lost his passport
20)When my father bought the car we go to the beach at the weekends
21)You leave your car here; we will be back soon
22)My sister is an artist; she dance like a professional
23) you pick me up at the airport at 6 0'clock? (informal)
24) you explain the lesson to me again, please? I didn't understand it at all (formal)
25)When I was a child I was very shy. I not speak in public
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