Aprender Inglés Jugando

Ejercicios de repaso

1. Coloca Close to, In, In front of, Inside u On según corresponda:

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1) three days I will finish the exams
2)My house is to the disco
3)The money is you
4)The money is my pocket
5)I will phone you in two minutes, I am the elevator
6)The teacher is standing up front of the pupils
7)I work to the city centre
8) my opinion she is better than you
9)I will be a doctor my next life
10)I finished the race 4 minutes last year
11)We are living Morocco
12)I'll be there Monday
13)Her birthday is June
14)The bill was to 100 euros
15)There are a glasses the carpet
16)I'll be there 20 minutes
17)We did it two days
18)She is very to her parents
19)I finished the race my sister
20)Now I am a taxi, I will call you later
21)The hotel is this avenue
22)I have a bird a box
23)The police is the thiefs
24)All our business must stay the law
25)The book is the chair
26)Every day I read to 2 hours
27)We are Portugal
28)They are the way
29)They are Cádiz
30)Please, don't argue with me Mike
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