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Paper 4 (Listening) Part 4

Lesson 20 – Paper 4 (Listening) – Part 4

In Part 4, you listen to two people having a conversation. The conversation can be a casual conversation between two friends or an interview. You often have to identify who is speaking and understand what it is they are saying. There are a total of 7 questions.


 The types of questions you may have to answer are:

·         Write who says what during the conversation.

·         Decide which of the statements are True (T) and which are False (F).

·         Choose the best answer (A, B or C) according to what has been said.


In this lesson, we are going to practice each of these question types. 


Identifying the speaker (Recording 20.1)

A.     Listen to a conversation between two friends, Rebecca and Mark. Decide who says what. 

I do try and keep myself pretty fit though. 

I haven’t seen you in ages!

It’s quite tough but I’m getting used to it now. 

That sounds heavy going.  














True or False? (Recording 20.2)

B.      Listen to each short extract and decide if the emotion written down is the one the speaker is expressing. Write True or False. 


1.      Preference                     T/F

2.      Disagreement

3.      Regret

4.      Surprise

5.      Recommendation

6.      Not understanding 



C.      Choosing the best answer (Recording 20.3)

You are going to listen to an interview with someone involved in the music business. For questions 1-4, choose the best answer A, B or C.


1.      What does James say about the radio station he started?

A.      It was not very expensive to run

B.      Its name was very appropriate

C.      It was more popular than expected



2.      What does James say about people's attitudes towards his age?

A.      They expected more of him when he was 16 than when he was 12

B.      They were more jealous of him because of his age

C.      They were nicer to him when he was 12 than when he was 16



3.      What does James say about the people he interviews on the channel?

A.      They have to say something interesting

B.      They enjoy being interviewed

C.      They often say unexpected things



4.      What do we learn about advertising on James’ radio station?

A.      There isn’t any

B.      It always includes music

C.      It doesn’t interrupt the programmes


You are now ready to carry out Paper 4 – The Listening Exam. Good luck!




Audio script (Recording 20.1)

Rebecca: What've you been up to recently? I haven’t seen you in ages!

Mark: Not a lot really, you?

Rebecca: I’ve been trying to keep out of trouble!

Mark: What do you mean?

Rebecca: Well, I’ve been avoiding going out. You see, I’m trying desperately to lose weight.

Mark: I see. So, what have you been doing?

Rebecca: Going to the gym and cycling to and from work.

Mark: That sounds heavy going.  

Rebecca: Yes, it’s quite tough but I’m getting used to it now. Don’t you do any exercise?

Mark: Yeah, I’ve been a gym goer for many years now and I often do kick boxing.

Rebecca: Do you go to the gym every day?

Mark: Not usually. I do try and keep myself pretty fit though. 




I haven’t seen you in ages!


I’ve been trying to keep out of trouble!


it’s quite tough but I’m getting used to it now. 



That sounds heavy going.  


I’ve been a gym goer for many years now


I do try and keep myself pretty fit though. 




Audio script (Recording 20.2)

1.      I’d rather stay at home, it’s too wet outside to go out.

2.      I don’t want to go either.

3.      I really wish I hadn’t eaten so much.

4.      Really?

5.      You should really stay at that hotel, it’s amazing!

6.      Well, I guess that explains it then. 


1.      T

2.      F

3.      T

4.      T

5.      T

6.      F



Audio script (Recording 20.3)

Audio script

Interviewer: My next guest is James Ryan who has been behind all sorts of music projects. He’s here today to talk about his radio station. So, James, welcome to the show.

James: Thank you.

Interviewer: So, today your fans want to know how it all began?

James: Well, a friend of mine came up with the idea. He had experience of running a station from his garage, and he commented on how easy and cheap it was. So, I started proceedings but soon realised it was more expensive to run than expected. 

Interviewer: How did the name emerge?

James: We chose ‘Sound Bites’ because as you all know we never play whole songs, just clips so we thought the name fitted.

Interviewer: It’s one of Hertfordshire’s most popular stations.

James: It is now but it didn’t start off that one. It took a while to take off. 

Interviewer: Why was that?

James: I don’t think people took me seriously. It was all down to my age. I was 16 at the time and because I was so young, no one really respected me. They all thought I had some crazy ambition and that because I was a kid, I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. 

Interviewer: But you did!

James: Yes, I did but at the time people treated me really badly. In fact, I would say people treated me better when I was a 12 year old!

Interviewer: Was it really that bad?

James: Yes. It was really disheartening.

Interviewer: But you came through and you’ve now shown people what you’re made of. You’ve even started doing live interviews with some famous singers. How’s that working for you?

James: I love interviewing famous musicians as you never know what they’re going to say. Most people are outgoing and enjoy the situation but there are those who are clearly doing it for the money. 

Interviewer: Yeah, I bet there’s a bit of everything.   So, there’s something that differentiates Sound Bites to other stations and that’s the advertising. How do you do it?

James: Well, as you’re aware, we limit the advertising. This means it’s always cleverly included in the tracks we play. 

Interviewer: That’s a clever idea. 


1.      B

2.      C

3.      C

4.      B


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