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Speaking (2-3 minutes)


Listen to the recording and respond accordingly.

Here is a picture with some ideas to help you




Try and talk for 2-3 minutes.



I’m going to describe a situation to you.

A college wants you to organise a party for your English teacher. She is retiring after working at the college for 20 years. Talk about where you could have the party, what you could eat and what you could do during the party.




Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space.

For each question, choose A, B, C or D.


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Westfield Shopping Centre Stratford City
Westfield Shopping Centre Stratford City opened (1) 2011 and it is one of the (2) shopping centres in Europe. It has approximately 300 shops and 70 restaurants. It can be found opposite the London Olympic Park and in an (3) of London which was in need of re-development.
The shopping centre has (4) the local economy and community significantly. When it opened, 2000 jobs were given to people in the local area and 10,000 jobs were given to (5) people. (6), some say, more jobs should have been given to local people.
In contrast, however, some say that businesses outside Stratford City have (7) a lot. The large chain stores that exist in the shopping centre have made it difficult for small independent shops to (8).
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Grammar – Revision

Ing or to + infinitive

A. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verb in brackets (ing or to+ infinitive).

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1)I can’t afford (go) on holiday this year.
2)John misses (play) tennis every Friday.
3)He decided (buy) the red curtains.
4)They felt like (go) to an Indian restaurant.
5)Do you dislike (eat) Indian food?
6)She offered (pay) for my shopping as I had forgotten my wallet.
7)He couldn’t imagine (get up) at six o’clock every day!
8)Did you manage (finish) your homework?
9)She recommended (take) an umbrellas as it looked like rain.
10)They agreed (meet) outside the cinema.
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Making questions

B. Put the word into the correct order to make a question.

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1) Instrument / a / play / can / musical / you?
2) In / England / might / to / you / the / go / future?
3) Weekend / you / would / go / party / this / like / to / a / to?
4) Next / will / English / year / study / you?
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C. Write the questions to these answers.

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1)I live in London.
2)We play golf every weekend.
3)It was £20.
4)Mine is the red car.
5)It takes two hours to get from my house to Brighton.
6)I study English, French and German.
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D. Complete the gaps with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

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1)If he goes to Barcelona, he (visit) the Sagrada Familia.
2)When I stay in on Friday night, I usually (watch) television.
3)If I found a wallet on the floor, I (give) it to a policeman.
4)We will go to the beach at the weekend if the weather (be) good.
5)They won’t do their homework on Saturday night if Anna (have) a party.
6)What would you do if you (win) a lot of money?
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You will hear a radio talk about holidays in Surrey.

For each question fill in the missing information in the numbered space.



Holidays in Surrey

Useful information

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1)Best way to arrive is (1)
2)Best time to go is (2)
3)Lots of things to do with the family, for example (3) down the Thames.
4)Accommodation in hotels, bed and breakfasts or cottages.
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Water activities

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1)Sailing – one day course - (4) £
2)Canoeing – two day course - £45
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Weekend activities

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2)Guided bike rides
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Annual events

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1)May – French farmers market
2)June – International Festival of (6)
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Your English teacher has asked you to write a story.

Your story must being with this sentence:

As the boy left the shop, Lucy noticed that he had stolen something.

Write your story.  Write your answer in about 100 words.  





Good afternoon! This afternoon on ‘Holiday of the week’, I want to tell you about a fantastic holiday I went on last summer.  I went to Surrey and although it just a short distance from London, it is completely different.  The landscape is beautiful and there are lots of places to visit.  Now, I found the best way to get there from London, was by train.  It’s only 40 minutes and trains leave very frequently from London Waterloo.  I visited it at the best time of year, in May, you see in Spring, all of the flowers start to come out and everything looks really pretty.

Surrey is a great place to go with the family.  I took my two children and we loved riding down the Thames.  The scenery is beautiful and the paths are perfect for cycling.  While we were there, I stayed in a cottage but there are many hotels and bed and breakfasts to choose from.  In spring, it’s important to book in advance as Surrey is a popular place to visit that time of year.

Most of the towns in the area have water sport centres when you can have sailing or canoeing lessons.  A one day sailing course is £58 and a two day canoeing course is £45.  There is also a deposit of £30 which you get back at the end of the course. 

If you’re not into sports then there are other activities you can do, like photography or guided bike rides.  The leaders take you into the Surrey hills so be prepared to cycle a lot! If you’re not into either, then you can also try bird watching. 

Try to plan your holiday when there is a local event on.  When we went in May, there was the famous French farmers market and a week later, at the beginning of June, there’s the international festival of music.  There’s not a lot going on from September until February but I believe there are other festivals every March. 

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