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Listening Test

Approximately 35 minutes (including 6 minutes transfer time)


Part 1

Questions 1-7

There are seven questions in this part.

For each question there are three pictures and a short recording.

Choose the correct picture A, B or C.


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1)How many eggs do you need to make the cake?
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Sonido 1

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1)Which dress does the woman decide to wear?
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Sonido 2

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1)What is the Tom’s job now?
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Sonido 3

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1)What time will Sam meet Olivia?
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Sonido 4

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1)What did the woman leave in the restaurant?
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Sonido 5

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1)Where is the car?
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Sonido 6

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1)When will Lucy go on holiday?
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Part 2


You will hear a famous international model Bethany Brown talking on the radio about her job.

For each question, choose A, B or C.

Sonido 7

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  1. Where is Bethany working at the moment?
  2. Bethany likes her job because she
  3. What did Bethany bring back from New York?
  4. What time does Bethany start working each day?
  5. Where was Bethany’s first job?
  6. What does Bethany love doing in her free time?
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Part 3


You will hear a group leader talking to some students who are going to visit an important art exhibition in Bournemouth.

For each question, fill in the missing information in the numbered space.


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1)Art Exhibition
2)Date of trip: 15th
3)Number of students attending event:
4)How the group will travel to Bournemouth: by
5)What the students should take on the day:
6)Name of the website page:
7)Which day other details will be available to students:
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Part 4


Look at the six sentences for this part.

You will hear a conversation between a man, Tony, and his wife Susan, about a play that they recently saw at the theatre.

Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.

If it is correct, choose A for Yes. It is not correct, choose B for No.


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1)Susan was expecting to enjoy the play.
2)Tony and Susan agree that the city in the play was New York.
3)Tony feels that the length of the play made it rather boring.
4)Susan was upset about how the audience behaved during the play.
5)Susan was disappointed with the way the main actor performed.
6)Tony thinks this play is the best he has ever seen.
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Recording 1 – Audio script


Teacher: The cake you made yesterday was lovely. Could you tell me how to make it?

Student: Of course. First, you need butter.

Teacher: I’ve got some at home.

Student: Ok, so 100 grams of butter. Then 150 grams of flour and sugar. Add two eggs, mix them all together. Then, add another one. After that, add some flour, stir well, then add some more.


Mum: Why are you taking so long to decide what to wear tonight?

Daughter: I just don’t know what colour looks best on me.

Mum: That red dress you have is beautiful.

Daughter: Yes, but it’s dirty. I’ve got a blue dress but it’s a bit too big.

Mum: What about the dress you bought on Saturday? The cream one?

Woman: Yes, I think I’ll wear that one.


Mum 1: So I hear Tom has got a new job. What is he doing?

Mum 2: Well, you know he had the interview to be a pilot, well, he didn’t get the job.

Mum 1: How disappointing!

Mum 2: Yes, I know. So, now he’s working as a postman.


Olivia: The play starts at 12:45 and so we need to get there a little earlier.

Sam: Shall I meet you at 12:30? No hang on, let’s meet before that. We can always get something to eat.

Olivia: What about if we meet at midday?

Same: Sounds good. See you then.


Staff: Hello. Sorry we’re closed.

Woman: Yes, I know, but I left something behind yesterday and I wanted to know if it had been handed in?

Staff: We found a wallet last night, is that what you’re looking for?

Woman: No, I left my diary behind.

Staff: Sorry madam but that wasn’t handed in.


Woman 1: I think someone’s stolen my bicycle. I left it by the library, but it’s not there anymore.

Woman 2: That’s because I took it to go to the bank. Sorry! I left it outside the Italian restaurant. Do you need it now?

Woman 2: No, it’s fine. I’ll go and get it later.


Woman: I can’t believe it’s nearly the summer holidays. Where are you going Lucy?

Lucy: I’m going to Greece. I can’t wait.

Woman: I’m going to Greece too. I’m going on the 30th June. What about you?

Lucy: I’m going the following month on the 13th.

Woman: I’ll be home by then.



Recording 2

Interviewer: And today we are lucky to have Bethany Brown, a famous international model with us today in the studio. So, Bethany, your job takes you all over the world.

Bethany: Yes, it does. It’s great. I’ve just returned from Asia where I’ve been working for the past 6 months. I’m only back for three days and then I fly back. No time to unpack my suitcases!

Interviewer: That’s a quick trip! So, is it the travelling that you like about your job?

Bethany: Yes, I like it, although it can get really tiring. For me, the really exciting thing is meeting different people from different cultures, trying their food and learning about their life styles. Sometimes, I also get to interesting events but I dislike the sport events I see, they tend to be really boring.

Interviewer: So, do you buy lots of souvenirs from the places you visit?

Bethany: Sometimes I do. For example, this time I brought back some food. The noodles in Asia are amazing and so I brought some back for my brother who loves cooking. I think perhaps the strangest thing I’ve ever brought back is my dog. I saw her living on the streets in New York and I adopted her.

Interviewer: That’s nice of you.

Bethany: She’s a lot happier now. And she’s so sweet.

Interviewer: Your fans, have written in some questions so I have to ask them. The first one comes from Sarah in Bristol, she wants to know what time you start work every day.

Bethany: Well Sarah, that’s an interesting question. Some days I’m travelling and so on these days I don’t work, but when I do, I usually start early at about half past six.

Interviewer: That means an early start!

Bethany: Yes, exactly. You get used to it though.

Interviewer: The next question comes from Luke in Stratford. He would like to know what your first job was.

Bethany: Well, when I was younger I wasn’t very ambitious; in fact, my first job was in my local supermarket. I worked there for two years and one day I was approached by a modelling agency that offered me a job. I left the job immediately and started modelling.

Interviewer: The last question comes from Tim in Brighton. Tim wants to know what you like to do in your free time.

Bethany: When I have free time, I do lots of things, go to the gym, meet up with my friends and sometimes go to the cinema. But, what I really enjoy doing is cooking. I love to cook meals for my family and friends.

Interviewer: Thank you Bethany, that’s all we’ve got time for today.



Recording 3


Right everyone! Some important information about the school trip to the art exhibition in Bournemouth. We know that in May you all have your exams and so we’ve arranged the trip in April. We’re going on the 15th. Put it in your diaries and don’t forget to tell your parents. Now some information about the art exhibition. There will be a total of 240 exhibits showing the work of more than 100 artists from all over the world. The 85 students that are going are extremely lucky. This is a once in a life time experience. Never have these artists been grouped together.

Next, some of you have been asking about how we are going to get there. Now, because there are so many students, we thought that the train would not be a good option and so we have opted for a coach. It will leave very early in the morning. The time will be confirmed nearer the time.

Now, someone asked me what to take. Firstly, what not to take! Leave your cameras behind as you won’t be able to take any pictures in art galleries. Photography is completely prohibited. You must however, take your identify cards as you will need to carry these with you at all times. You can take your mobile phones but make sure they are off when we are in the exhibition.

If you would like to find out more information about the exhibits, then you can have a look on the internet. Go to their website. You can find it at Bournexpo.com. That’s B O U R N E X P O.com

So, as I said, I don’t have the final journey times yet as this will depend on the coach company. I will give this to you on Friday next week.

Does anyone have any questions?



Recording 4

Tony: So… what did you think of the play?

Susan: Mmmm… I didn’t know what it would be like. I wasn’t very keen to see it when you suggested it, but I’m pleased I came now.

Tony: Oh good. I’m glad you liked it.

Susan: And it was great to see scenes of New York in the background.

Tony: Mmm I wasn’t sure it was New York at first, but then I recognised the Statue of Liberty. It was nice to see it.

Susan: But I tell you something. My legs hurt from sitting for so long. It felt like four hours!

Tony: Yes, I think it was 3 hours, but the play was interesting and so I didn’t really notice.

Susan: Did you see the man next to me? He fell asleep.

Tony: No, I didn’t.

Susan: And the two girls behind us kept talking. I couldn’t concentrate. They made me really angry.

Tony: It’s a shame they talked when the main actor was acting. I can’t remember his name but he was brilliant.

Susan: You’re right. I think he would be great in a Hollywood film.

Tony: What about the director, he was really good too. Although the play he put on last year was a lot better. This wasn’t his best, but it was good.

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