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Look at the photos. What can you see in each photo? Describe them in detail.



Answer the following questions:

  • What celebrations do you celebrate in your country?
  • Which is your favourite celebration? Say:
  • Why it’s celebrated
  • Where it’s celebrated
  • What people eat / do / wear



Read the text and questions below.

For each question, choose the correct letter A, B, C or D.


Weddings in Las Vegas

Getting married in Las Vegas is cheap, easy and doesn’t have to be stressful. There are many companies that will organise everything for you. You can pay according to how many guests you have. You can have a minimum of two and a maximum of hundreds of people. The companies organise a package that is convenient for you. Packages can be basic and include just the ceremony, or you can get packages which include a photographer, the bouquet, drinks and food.

If you are not a traditional couple then Vegas is the perfect place for you. You can choose different wedding venues and different themes. For example, you can get married in a small chapel, a large church or a luxury hotel. You can then choose to get married in typical wedding clothes (dress for the bride and suit for the groom) or you can get married as a cowboy, a rock star or your favourite singer.

Once you are married, you can start your honeymoon and Vegas is the best place to begin. You can stay in one of the many luxury 5* hotels and eat food from all over the world. You can also see fantastic shows and concerts. If you don’t fancy staying in Vegas, then you can go the Grand Canyon which is a couple of hours away by car.

The disadvantage of getting married in Vegas is that people from all over the world go there with the same idea. People know that it is a cheap place to get married and that you don’t have to organise your wedding months in advance as you could decide to get married tomorrow if you wanted. Often after your wedding, there will be another bride and groom waiting and then another couple. So if you want something special, then Vegas is perhaps not the best place. But if you want fun and something different, we’re waiting for you!


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  1. What is the writer trying to do in the text?
  2. What does the writer tell us about weddings in Las Vegas?
  3. What does the writer tell us about the honeymoon?
  4. Why do lots of people go to Las Vegas to get married?
  5. What might someone say about getting married in Las Vegas?
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Match the description of the celebration to the celebration.



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1)It’s a day when children appreciate their mums.
2)Children dress up as ghosts or witches on this day.
3)It’s on the 14th February and people in love celebrate this day.
4)It’s the last day of the year.
5)In many countries, people celebrate by eating chocolate eggs.
6)It’s a day when children appreciate their dads.
7)It’s the day when a couple gets married.
8)The day you celebrate when you were born.
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B. Complete the text with the correct word.

  • Bride
  • Speeches
  • Ceremony
  • Church
  • Bouquet
  • Honeymoon
  • Confetti
  • Bridesmaids
  • Groom

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1)A typical wedding in Britain
2)In Britain, many people get married in either a (1) or a registry office. The (2) arrives first and he waits with his best man and the other guests, for the bride to arrive. Tradition says that the (3) should arrive late and make her future husband wait. She usually arrives with her father and her (4). These are typically one, two or three of the bride’s best friends or close family members.
3)When the bride and groom leave the church or registry office, everyone throws (5) (tiny pieces of coloured paper) at the married couple. This is supposed to bring the couple good luck. The bride, outside the church, also throws her (6) of flowers at the single female guests. Tradition says that the lucky lady that catches it will be the next to get married.
4)After the (7), the guests go to the wedding venue where there are drinks and either lunch or dinner. Before or after the food, the tradition is to give a number of (8). The father of the bride speaks, the best man and also the groom
5)At the end of the wedding, the couple are supposed to go on their (9)!
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Grammar – Asking & answering questions

Asking questions

Question words

(If you don’t know them, look them up in the dictionary)

Who How often
What How long
Where How much (uncountable nouns)
Why How many (countable nouns)
How What
Which Which


Para hacer una pregunta con una ‘question word’ la regla es:




  • What do you do for your birthday?
  • Why don’t you celebrate Halloween?
  • How much does it cost to go to the concert?
  • When will you go on holiday?
  • Which might you buy?


A. Here are the answers to some questions. Write the questions.

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1)I like the Notting Hill Carnival the most.
2)The concert lasted two hours.
3)They went to see the procession on Friday.
4)She won £3000 last week.
5)They’ll leave at midnight.
6)We’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day for three years now.
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Answering questions

Short answers.

Contestamos a las preguntas yes/no con el mismo auxiliar o verbo modal que la pregunta.


Respuestas positivas:

  • Do you like Christmas? Yes, I do
  • Are you British? Yes, I am
  • Have you been to Madrid? Yes, I have
  • Could you buy anything? Yes, I could


Respuestas negativas

  • Are you going to Paris? No, I’m not
  • Do you like Barcelona? No, I don’t
  • Have you tried paella? No, I haven’t
  • Can you surf? No, I can’t


B. Change these sentences into yes/no questions.

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1)Alex and Katie are getting married.
2)I live in London.
3)Laura speaks lots of languages.
4)He can play the piano.
5)Tina has forgotten her purse.
6)They arrived late to the concert.
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C. Answer the following questions with your own answers.

  • Can you speak German? 
  • Do you live in Mexico? 
  • Have you got any brothers or sisters? 
  • Is your sister younger than you? 
  • Did you go to Brazil last year? 
  • Could you drive when you were 15 years old? 




You will hear a radio interview with Helen who is talking about famous celebrations in Britain.  Choose the correct answer A, B or C. 


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  1. Helen’s favourite celebration is
  2. What does Helen do after Pancake Day?
  3. What does Helen say about Easter?
  4. What does Helen say about the weather at the Notting hill Carnival last year?
  5. What did Helen see last year at the carnival?
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Here are some sentences about Halloween.

For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.

Use no more than three words.

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1)It was 1556 when Halloween was first celebrated. Halloween was first celebrated 1556.
2)Probably, no other celebration is as scary as Halloween. Halloween is probably celebration of the year.
3)Nobody is sure the exact city where it was first celebrated. Nobody is sure it was first celebrated.
4)People find the history of Halloween interesting. People are in the history of Halloween.
5)It took other countries worldwide a long time to adopt this celebration. Other countries took a long time this celebration.
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Presenter: Helen, we have quite a few listeners today that aren’t familiar with some of the things you celebrate in the UK. Can you talk us through the most popular celebrations?

Helen: Yes, of course.

Presenter: Why don’t you start with your favourite one?

Helen: Ok, well that’s difficult as I love our traditions and I have three favourites. I love Pancake Day, the Notting hill Carnival and Easter. But, I guess if I had to choose one, I’d say it’s Pancake Day.

Presenter: Can you tell us about what this tradition is all about?

Helen: Well, Pancake Day is 40 days before Easter Sunday and it is a day when you are supposed to eat all of your favourite foods like chocolate, sweets, biscuits and crisps. People also make pancakes and you can eat them with sugar and lemon, chocolate, banana and sugar. There are lots of different combinations.

Presenter: It’s a day devoted to junk food!

Helen: Yes, because the next day is the start of ‘lent’ and it is when you are supposed to give up something that you really love eating. I usually give up chocolate but last year I gave up meat. That was terrible!

Presenter: So, is it a religious celebration?

Helen: Yes, but you don’t have to be religious to celebrate it. Everyone loves Pancake Day, adults and children alike!

Presenter: It does sound like a lot of fun. So tell us now about Easter.

Helen: Easter can be a big celebration with some families in the UK, but others don’t really celebrate it. I think families with children definitely celebrate it but for families without children, it’s a public holiday. It’s sad but true. In my family, we get together on Easter Sunday and have a big meal. We have Easter egg hunts for the kids and everyone eats a lot of chocolate.

Presenter: I’d like to spend Easter with your family! The last celebration you mentioned was the Notting Hill Carnival. What can you tell us about it?

Helen: Ok, well it takes places every August. In fact, it’s always the last weekend in August as here in the UK, we have a bank holiday, so the Monday is a day off. It’s usually raining, although last year, it was really hot. At the festival, people dress up in amazing costumes and dance and sing in the streets of Notting hill. Last year, I saw a woman dressed as a bird, the costume was amazing and the wings were bigger than one of the houses!

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