Test 2

1.- Find 7 school subjects

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find 7 school subjects



2.- Write the name of the item of clothing under the picture.

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1) 1
2) 2
3) 3
4) 4
5) 5
6) 6
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3.- Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them in the gaps.

Tablecloth / Microwave / Plate / Towel / Bed / Sofa

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1)You put food on this when you are hungry
2)Some people use this to cook or heat their food
3)When you get out of the shower you use this to dry yourself
4)You can sit on this when you watch television
5)You put this on your table to make it look pretty and to protect it
6)You sleep in this when you are tired
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4.- Look and read. Write yes or no.


picl nick


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1)There is a red, white and black rug wich the family are sitting on.
2)There is a red bird in the picture that is not sitting on the rug.
3)The boy in the picture is wearing a green t-shirt and blue trousers.
4)The girl with blonde hair is holding a red strawerry in her hands.
5)There are blue and white stripes on the woman´s skirt.
6)The man that is sitting on the rug is drinking a glass of milk.
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5.- Read the diary and write the missing words. Write one word in each gap.




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6.- Food Quiz




Read the questions and write in a paper the correct answers.

I. What do you eat for breakfast?

a) Cereal
b) Toast
c) Biscuits
d) Nothing
e) Something different

II. Do you eat lunch at home or at school?

a) At home
b) At school

III. What do you usually eat for lunch?

IV. Do you usually have a snack after school?

a) Yes
b) No

V. What is your favourite snack food?

a) Fruit
b) Chocolate
c) Crisps
d) Biscuits
e) Cakes
f) Other (Write your answer)

VI. Can you spell ?


VII. What colour is an apple?

VIII. Is a potato a fruit or a vegetable?

a) Fruit
b) Vegetable



7.- Katie had problems on her first day at school. She couldn’t find her things. Where were they?

Listen and put together.





1. 1 A.A
2. 2 B. B
3. 3 C. C
4. 4 D. D
5. 5 E. E
6. 6 F. F


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8.- Audio Script

Monday morning was horrible. It was my first day at school and I couldn’t find anything. I wanted to pack my rucksack but I couldn’t find it. I looked everywhere and I finally found my rucksack in the kitchen! It was on one of the white stalls. Then I wanted to find my glue. I looked in the bedroom, it wasn’t there and then I looked in the dining room and it was there on the table. Next I wanted to find my scissors, I found them on the shelf in the living room. The hardest thing to find was my ruler, it was actually in my bedroom and on my bed! I found my rubber on the sofa in the living room and my pencil in the garden where my dog had left it!


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