Golfing genius

1.- Introduction to lesson

In today’s lesson, we are going to look at the life of a very famous sports star. We are going to concentrate on perfecting your understanding of dates and numbers, and at the end of the lesson we are going to work on your pronunciation.

1.1.- Look at the picture below of golfing genius, Tiger Woods. What do you know about him? List at least three things you know about him.



1. ___________________________________
2. ___________________________________
3. ___________________________________


2.- Your turn…

Answer the following questions out loud giving as much detail as possible.

  • What would you like to know about Tiger Woods?
  • Write down two questions you would ask him if you had the opportunity.
  • For example, “How much do you earn?”


3.- Listening

You are going to listen to a journalist give a brief account of the life of Tiger Woods. Listen and see if any of your questions are answered.



3.1.- Spoken response to listening

Were any of your questions answered? Which questions were answered?


4.- Listening task

4.1.- Dictation

Your teacher will dictate the first paragraph of the account to you. Write down exactly what she says. She will read slowly and clearly and will repeat the dictation a couple of time so you will not need to stop and start the recording.

Please note the following:

  • . (full stop)
  • , (comma)
  • ! (exclamation mark)
  • ? (question mark)
  • : (colon)



4.2.- Now listen to the whole account again and answer the following questions.


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1)When was Tiger Woods born?
2)He is of mixed heritage. What fraction is he Thai?
3)How old was he when he started to play golf?
4)How old was he when he played his first game of golf?
5)What date did Tiger Woods make golfing history?
6)How much does he earn year?
7)How much is his deal with Nike?
8)What is the best advice her ever got?
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Check your answers.


4.3.-. You will see below a copy of the tapescript with certain important dates and numbers missing. Fill in the gaps with the relevant dates or numbers.

$100 million / a quarter / 30th December 1975 / an eighth /
8th April 2001 / nine months old / $50 million a year /
one and a half years old

(Para ver la solución hacer doble click en texto; un click vuelve a posición original)





5.- Language focus: Dates and numbers

Although you may feel confident writing and saying dates, are you saying them correctly?

There is a difference between how we write dates and how we say them. Look at the following:

1500 one thousand five hundred (note that we do not insert AND)
2200 two thousand two hundred
55,000 fifty five thousand
100,350 one hundred thousand three hundred and fifty
687,200 six hundred and eighty seven thousand two hundred
£900,999 nine hundred thousand nine hundred and ninety nine pounds
£1,000,000 one million pounds


Practice saying and writing the following numbers:

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5.3.- Percentages

Study the following percentages:

1/3 one third
1/4 a quarter
1/2 a half
3/4 three quarters
1/8 one eighth
1/10 one tenth


Practice saying and writing the following numbers:

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6.- Pronunciation practice – Tongue Twisters

The English language uses and stretches the mouth in ways which other languages don’t. Therefore, it is very important that you learn to use parts of your mouth which may have never been used before.

So, let’s start stretching!

Repeat after me:

  • A, E, I, O, U
  • Red, Brown, Blue, Yellow, Green


Ok, now we have warmed up let’s try some tongue twisters:

  • She sells sea shells on the sea shore

We start off slow but then we get faster and faster.



Here’s another tongue twister:

  • Peter Piper picked a pickled pepper

Now faster!
. . .
. . .



A good way to practise tongue twisters is by saying them in front of a mirror. Remember to always start off slowly and then get faster and faster. You’ll see that your mouth becomes more flexible and you are able to better pronounce certain words.

Now practice the following tongue twisters in front of a mirror:

  1. Sam's shop stocks short spotted socks.
  2. Which wristwatches are Swiss wristwatches?
  3. Cheap ship trip.
  4. Fat frogs flying past fast.
  5. We surely shall see the sun shine soon.


7.- Your turn…

Now you have warmed up. I would like you to:

Give an account of your life.

You must include:

  • Dates
  • Numbers
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