In the year 2000, there were 3 different surveys asking Americans if they were middle class or not.

In the first, 91% said yes; the second, 93%; the third, 97%. 

This means that Americans don´t understand the word "class". Of the working population, 96% are employed. Fictional unemployment (students, people job-hunting, housewives, etc.) is between 2 and 3%. The crime rate has gone down for the last 11 years, simply because people don´t have time to commit crimes? Even with foreign immigration flooding in (the U.S. accepts 90% of the world´s official emigration), there aren´t enough people to fill the jobs available. 

Every day, TV is filled with long lists of jobs. Truly, the U.S. has become exactly what Marx envisioned: a classless society. Even 80% of the unemployed say they are middle class!


Sonido Texto




Surveys encuestasTrutly de verdad/en realidad
To mean significarTo envision preveer
Job-hunting busca-trabajosEven incluso
Crime rate Tanto por ciento de crimenesEnough suficiente
To flood in entrar "a lo bestia"Available disponible


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