The Verb "To get"



Last night, I got really tired. 

I got in late - at 12 o´clock. Before I got to bed, I got a shower, but the water got too hot, so I got out of the shower, got dry, and got to bed. 

The next morning, I got up really early, at 6. I got downstairs, got a kiss from my wife, got out of the house, and got into the garage, where my chauffeur had got the door open for me. 

He got in and I got in. Before I got to work, my secretary called and told me that I had got a lot of faxes. By then, I realized that I had got a cold but would get over it quickly. 

When I got up to my office, things were getting worse. Ten reporters were waiting for me. I couldn´t get around them. Already, I had got tired before I got through the first 2 minutes of my working day!


Sonido Texto



to get tired cansarse to get in, into entrar
to get away escapar to get a fax recibir un fax
to get down bajar to get worse empeorar
to get too hot calentarse demasiado to get around girar, esquivar, adelantar
to get out salir to get up levantarse
to get dry secarse to get a kiss recibir un beso


Sonido Vocabulario
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