The simple and continuous present

Read carefully this dialogue (Lee este diálogo atentamente):


DIALOG (diálogo)

TOUR GUIDE: We are now leaving Cibeles Circle. We are heading toward Neptune Circle. We are now getting to Neptune Circle. On the other side of the circle is the Prado Museum. The Prado has Spain´s most famous Painters. Can anyone name Spain´s 2 most famous painters?
TOURIST: Yes, I can. They are Goya and Velázquez.
TOUR GUIDE: Right. We are now taking a right. On your left is the Palace Hotel. The building on your right, with the two big lions, is the Cortes or Spanish Parliament Building. We are now going up Jeranimo Street. We are now taking a right, and now another left. We are on Alcala Street. Behind you is Cibeles, where the main post office is. We are getting to Puerta del Sol Plaza. What does "Puerta del Sol" mean in English? 
TOURIST: It means "Gateway to the Sun".
TOUR GUIDE: Right. "Puerta" normally means "door ". It can also mean "gate". If it is the main, open gate of a big place, it means "gateway". We are now going down Arenal Street. What does "arenal" mean?
TOURIST: "Arenal" means "pit".
TOUR GUIDE: Right again. We are coming into Isabel II Plaza. That building behind Isabel II´s statue is The Royal Theater. Is it really a theater? 
TOURIST: No, it isn´t a theater. It´s a concert hall.
TOUR GUIDE: Excellent. Now we´re coming into Oriental Square, and in front of you is The Royal Palace. It reminds me of King Charles III.
TOURIST: We know who Charles III is. His statue is at the Puerta del Sol.
TOUR GUIDE: How do you  know so much?
TOURIST: We are studying Spanish culture, language and history at the University of Madrid.


Sonido Dialog



VOCABULARY (vocabulario)

to leave salir, abandonarpit arenal
to head towards dirigirse haciaconcert hall sala de conciertos
to take a right girar a la derechadoor puerta
to take a left girar a la izquierdagate puerta de valla
to go up subirgateway puerta abierta
to go down bajarfront frente, fachada
to get to, to come to llegarcircle círculo
to come into entrarstatue estatua
to go straight up subir rectobuilding edificio
to go straight down bajar rectoplaza, square plaza


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