Pasado vs. Presente




I make my living by painting seascapes. Probably the best American seascapist is Winslow Homer.

This year, in the late spring, I went to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, to paint the ocean waves crashing against the rocks.

In my Travelers´ Inn room I found a promotional questionaire, which asked the following:

1. Have you ever been in one of our hotels before?
2. Were you in one last year?
3. Have you seen our hotels advertised?
4. Did you see our advertisement last month?

If you fill out this form and are a professional, we will reduce your bill by 15%. I filled out the form and showed it and my credentials as a painter to the man at the desk.

"Sorry, Sir," he said, "but we only recognize professionals, not artists".






seascape marinaform documento
waves olas, ondasbill factura
to crash chocarto fill out rellenar
questionaire cuestionarioto recognize reconocer
advertisement anuncio de propaganda comercialever alguna vez
Inn posada


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