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All states in the U.S. are divided into counties. There are 67 counties in Florida. Since it is the fastest-growing state, there have been many changes in the highway system. One example of these changes is Escambia County in northwest Florida.

In Escambia there were 11 surveys in the year 2000 to determine the traffic on secondary roads. The Florida Department of Transportation conducted the survey. Residents were asked the following questions: 

  1. Is there a lot of traffic in front of your house? 
  2. Are there a lot of cars during the rush hours? 
  3. Will there be a lot of traffic  this weekend? 
  4. Was there a lot of traffic in front of your house yesterday? 
  5. Has there been more traffic in front of your house this year when compared to last year?
  6. Would there be a lot of traffic in front of your house if you lived in the Molino area (rural)? 

There will be 6 new secondary highways in Escambia in the year 2001, but not because of the survey. The results were lost in the computer system. So why was the mix-up in the presidential elections a big surprise? 


county condadoto conduct a survey hacer una encuesta
survey encuestarush hours horas punta
fastest el más rápidomix-up lío, confusión
to grow crecer    


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