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"The South" is the southeastern U.S.

It consists of such states as Virginia, Kentucky and Florida. 

It has its own dialect called the "Southern drawl", which is spoken very slowly. Two of its common words are "ain´t" (negative of the present forms of "to be": "they ain´t" = they aren´t) and "ya´ll" (all of you). 

It also has its own cooking, customs, and climate. "Southern fried chicken" ("Kentucky fried chicken") and corn bread are typically from that area. Before the 60s, taking a nap after lunch was quite common. 

The climate is hot and humid. Its commercial center is Atlanta. It has a large Black population and in the past was principally an agricultural region, mostly cotton and corn. Its most famous novel is "Gone with the Wind". Also in the past, it was known in foreign countries for its racial conflicts. Today it is the fastest growing area in the nation, and its racial practices and attitudes have changed, thank God!


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southeastern sur estecorn maíz
southern drawl el acento del sureste de EE. UU."Gone with the Wind" "Lo que ell viento se llevó"
cooking cocinafastest growing mayor crecimiento
nap siestaforeign extranjero
cotton algodónthank God Gracias a Díos


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