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WHY I LIKE SPAIN SO MUCH (a radio interview with Brian Ard about his recent trip to Spain).

In August of 1999 I went to Madrid, Spain, on my honeymoon with my wife, Miriam, who is Puerto Rican. She understood everything they said, but I only understood "no", "si", "cafeteria", and "muchos besos".

I liked it so much because they were really friendly and liked to party. They don´t like to go to bed. Four o´clock in the morning there is like four in the afternoon here. The fact is that you can´t find a cafeteria or a restaurant that just has a few people. 

They do drive fast over there. Everybody was passing us on the highway, and I saw a sign that said "120". I asked my cousin if "120" was miles per hour or not, if it was the maximum or minimum, and if there were any cops to stop people from driving so fast.

Also, people liked me. I was driving slow, and a cop with a machine gun stopped me and asked me for my driving license. I only had my fishing license from Asturias, and he laughed a lot and let me go on driving. 

In Segovia, in a church, I saw a dead person, a saint probably, laying in a glass casket. He was decayed and nasty. It made me sick. So in Spain they leave some people in churches to die.

The country is a little crazy, but a lot of fun. They are always celebrating something. They have all these statues for virgins, which is rather odd. We must have some virgins in the States, but we don´t make statues for them!


Sonido Texto




interview entrevistadriving license permiso de conducir
honey moon luna de mielnasty sucio
friendly amigablecrazy loco
to party
(to have a good time)
pasarlo biento lay tumbar
few pocosodd (limpiar) raro
sign señal de tráficoto go on continuar
cousin primorather bastantes
cops policíathe States EE.UU.


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