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England is called "a nation of shopkeepers", just as the U.S.A. is called "a nation of joiners". 

Americans are constantly creating clubs, associations and groups. 

There are members of a country club, the MDA (American Medical Association), and consumer groups. 

There are also groups who give awards to the worst artists, films, and politicians of the year, etc. If there is a pro-abortion group, there is a pro-life group. 

Foreigners don´t realize just how important these associations are. In fact, many groups put pressure on governmental institutions and individuals to obtain their goals. 

This is called "lobbying". Lobbying groups are those groups who pressure Congress and the President to pass laws for their causes.

It was President Carter who expressed the danger of being pressured to act for a single cause instead of the national interests.


Sonido Texto




joiners los que ingresanin fact de hecho
shopkeppers tenderoslobby grupo de presión
awards galardonesto pass laws aprobar leyes
to realise darse cuentadanger peligro
instead of en vez desingle único/soltero


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