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El Pasado Simple (past simple)

Read carefully this text:



Ben enjoyed several long careers, as a statesman, writer, inventor, and womanizer. 

He helped create and signed the Declaration of Independence (1775), which separated the 13 American colonies from England. He negotiated England´s acceptance of the document (1783). 

He worked as a journalist and owned a printing press. He started the publication of almanacs. He even discovered electricity while flying a kite. In addition, he perfected glasses. 

He also enjoyed the life of a womanizer, even more than Mr. Billy Clinton. He lived as the U.S. ambassador in Paris, where he attended the Queen of France and other "ladies" of the court very well. It is estimated that he fathered at least 10 English, 20 French and 40 American children. 

Certainly, he is recognized as one of the "Founding Fathers".


Sonido Texto


statesman político de gran prestigioown; to own propio; ser el dueño de
womanizer donjuánalmanac anuario (almanaque)
to sign firmarladies damas
journalist periodistacourt la corte del rey
printing press imprentato recognize reconocer
even more incluso másFounding Fathers miembros de la Convención Constitucional Americana de 1787
kite cometaglasses gafas
several varioswhile mientras


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