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Morocco is one of the African countries with the greatest range of landscapes and natural beauties. A traveller can get lost between the thin and labyrinth type streets, have a tea whilst contemplating the way, visit its ancient roman remains, and enjoy excursions to remote mountain areas and small towns around a hundred years old.




Useful Information:

1.- In the North East of Africa, its coasts expand to more than 3.400km, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the East and the Mediterranean Sea in the North.

2.- In autumn and winter, the time is exactly the same as BMT. In spring and Summer 1 hour less than BMT.

3.- The official language is Arabic. French is also widely used throughout the country.

4.- The official currency is the Moroccan Dirham which is divided into 100 cents. Money can be converted in Hotels, banks, bureau de change, airports and travel agents. Durham's cannot be taken out of the country.

5.- Moderate temperatures throughout the year. From July until September, high temperatures in the inside zone and during the day. In the evening the temperatures decrease considerably. In winter, snowfalls can be from 1.600 metres.

6.- The art of "haggling" is a costume in the markets. Arts and Crafts are typical and extremely popular. Rugs, leather goods, copper gold, silver, etc.



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