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I am so bored of exercising

I go running everyday for an hour after work. I like to keep fit as I am a little overweight and would like to loose a few extra pounds before summer, to get into my swimsuit! At first, I loved running, but now I find it terribly monotonous. I dread it everyday. How can I liven it up?

(Susana, 30 years old, Brighton)


If you really want to enjoy yourself, try doing a team sport instead of going running. Netball, tennis and hockey are interactive. However, if you really want to carry on running, then try doing different routes. Try to go running in the park, in the woods, around the roads. After all, "variety is the spice of life"!





Nightmares keep me from sleeping

For the last four months I have been having terrible dreams. I go to sleep at 11 o'clock and then around 2 o'clock in the morning I start dreaming absolutely terrible things. I dreamt that my mum was kidnapped, that I was shot in the leg, that I was trapped in a fire and many other nasty things.

I always wake up in the middle of my nightmare, boiling hot and covered in sweat. After that I cannot go back to sleep for fear of dreaming something similar. What should I do? My sleepless nights are beginning to affect my work and also my social life. Help me, please.

(Sarah, 26 years old, London)


There could be two possibles causes for your lack of sleep, either there is something that has been upsetting you emotionally for the last four-six months, e.g. that you are not content with your job or your private life or that you are eating too late or watching the wrong type of T.V programmes before you go to bed.

What I suggest is that you take some time to work out the things that you are not happy with in your life at the moment. Then, decide if any of these reasons are serious enough to make you not sleep. Try to avoid eating late and watch light-hearted programmes before going to bed. If the problem continues I suggest you go and see your local G.P.





School or modelling?

I am 17 years old and i'm studying French, German and Spanish at school. For the past two years I have been working at the weekends for a modelling agency.

Last week they told me that the perfect opportunity had come up for me to do modelling as a career as "Elle-Paris" were looking for new young models to start their careers with them. My agency told me that I would have to leave school immediately to go to modelling school. What do I do? Please advice me.

(Lauren, 17 years old, Edinburgh)


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