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A Guide to London - Soho and Covent Garden


In the 1960s and 70s Soho was renowned for sex clubs and prostitution. The area has since been partially cleaned up, although some of the clubs still function. Nowadays, the people who visit Soho take advantage of the main streets full of fashionable restaurants serving an immense variety of foods from all over the world.

As well as being a perfect place to dine, Soho is theatreland, with five on Shaftsbury Avenue alone. Directly behind Shaftsbury Avenue is the world famous Chinatown (a perfect place to try both tasty and reasonably priced dishes). However, if what you are looking for is a relaxing evening, then why not head down to Leister Square where you can go to one of the four different cinemas. These cinemas have the largest screens and the biggest buckets of popcorn ever.




If when you have finished with the cinema you fancy trying some of London's nightlife then what better place to go than Leicester square. In the square itself there are a variety of places to drink and dance the night away. You can choose between typical English pubs (*), Wine bars, Comedy clubs, Planet Hollywoods bar/restaurant, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss's "Fashion Café", The Hippodrome Discoteque and a favourite with foreigners, Equinox and much much more.

Following Leicester Square across Charing Cross Road brings you to Long Acre and into Covent Garden. In the 1970s Covent Garden was a shabby part of London, home to wholesaler's market stalls. Today, Covent Garden is a traffic free zone with a lively and bright Art and Craft market, which has surrounding it fashionable boutiques, gift shops, petite cafés, pubs and restaurants. When the sun comes out, pubs and restaurants open their terraces and make the ideal places to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Walking around the piazza you will often find street performers singing or dancing. They make light and refreshing entertainment. Around the area is the recently refurbished Royal Opera House, the London Transport Museum and St. Paul's Church.

(*) English pubs close at 11:30 Monday-Saturday and at 11:00 on Sunday.


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