1. Vowels

a) far; start; large; father

b) have; fat; bad

c) egg; bed; head

d) sit; give; sing

e) me; eat; agreed; piece

f) hot; lost; long

g) saw; more; four

h) could; good; would; should

i) but; cut; blood

j) you; use; fool; do

k) learn; third; word

l) mother; about; forget

m) city; very; jockey


2. Consonants

a) bed; big; brother

b) did; dog; bed

c) five; if; coffee

d) good; leg; pig

e) hat; have; who

f) you; yellow; young

g) can; kicking; lucky

h) leg; yellow; old

i) me; money; summer

j) no; money; can

k) put; happy; up

l) run; hurry

m) see; hits; mass

n) time; put; winter

o) van; have; lovely

p) with; white; woman

q) zoo; nose; runs; easy

r) ship; sugar; wish

s) pleasure; measure

t) sing; running; singer

u) cheap; watch; reaching

v) thin; thick; bath

w) then; weather

x) joy; judge; general


3. Diphthongs

a) five; nine; alive; why

b) fire; higher

c) out; down; sound

d) flower; sour

e) say; eight; paint; again

f) there; hair; where; bear

g) hear; nearly

h) going; so; slowly

i) boy; toilet; coin

j) poor; sure




Tongue twisters

  • She sells sea-shells on the sea shore
  • Six slimy snails sailed silently
  • Red lorry, yellow lorry, red lorry, yellow lorry, red lorry, yellow lorry
  • In Hertford, Hereford and Hampshire, hurricanes hardly ever happen (My Fair Lady)
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