Listening: The Judgement of Paris



Read the questions, then listen to the listening carefully. Answer the questions. You may listen to the listening twice.


The Judgement of Paris

The Judgement of Paris is told in Greek Mythology. It is the story of the Trojan Prince Paris, who was called upon to Judge who was the most attractive of the goddesses, Hera, Athene or Aphrodite.

Hera, Athene and Aphrodite desperately wanted to win the competition and so to try and persuade Paris they each tried to bribe him by offering him great gifts.

Hera offered Paris 'great power', Athene offered him 'success in battle' and Aphrodite offered the most beautiful woman in the world. After a lot of thought, Paris took Aphrodite up on her offer. She then helped Paris to abduct Helen. This abduction caused The Trojan War.



  1. Where was the Judgement of Paris told?
  2. By who and why was Paris called upon?
  3. What did the goddesses do in order to try and persuade Paris?
  4. What did Athene offer Paris?
  5. Whose offer did he take?
  6. What was the result of taking this bribe?


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