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A) Elige una de las siguientes preposiciones compuestas para completar estas oraciones:

according to / Appart from / as regards of / by means of / due to / except for / instead of / on behalf of / owing to

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1)I love all animals dogs
2) Nigel, 'money doesn't grow on trees'
3)I think I am going to go to the swimming pool going to the shops
4) Louise, everybody liked the museum
5)I am raising money The Cancer Research Charity
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B) Elige una de las siguientes preposiciones para completar estas oraciones:

about / for / from / in / of / on / with

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1)Anna doesn't believe ghosts
2)Maria forgave Susana putting sugar in her tea
3)They went to the shop to exchange the jumper a larger
4)On the first day of university, Agnes was introduced a lot of people
5)Last night somebody stole my purse the bar on the High Street
6)The man tried to convince me the advantages of buying a lorry
7)I agree you that I need to cut my hair
8)I blamed the man in the shop losing my washing
9)Lee is not very well, he is suffering a very bad cold
10)I can't believe it, Sarah is married Paul
11)The teacher didn't think that the boys were capable doing their maths homework
12)My grandparents rely heavily my Mum
13)In the middle of the party, Jo quarrelled his girlfriend
14)Mrs Mendez interferes everything
15)Last week, the president of Real Madrid resigned his job
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