(You have bought a coat and when you go home you realise you do not really like it. You go back to the shop in order to return it and you have an argument with one of the assistants)


Maria: Good afternoon.

Shop assistant: Good afternoon, can I help you?

Maria: Well, the other day I bought this coat and to be honest, I don't like the colour very much. Can I get my money back or exchange it?

Shop assistant: No, I'm sorry but we only exchange items if they are faulty.

Maria: I know but I really don't like the coat and I feel that if I changed it for another item in this shop I would be happier.

Shop assistant: I'm afraid we do not refund or exchange items just because you don't like them. You tried the jacket on in the shop didn't you?

Maria: Yes, but when I saw the coat in daylight I realised that I didn't like the colour.

Shop assistant: If you don't like the colour you can exchange the jacket for another colour.

Maria: Oh really, that is what I have been trying to say to you.

Shop assistant: Well, you should try and speak clearer next time. Here you are.

Maria: Thank you!


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