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A. Match the following phrasal verbs with their meanings:

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B. Now choose the appropriate phrasal verb to complete the following sentences:

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1)If my friend can me I will save the cost of a hotel room for the night.
2)He managed to his ideas in the AGM (Annual General Meeting)
3)After seeing the restaurant´s kitchen I was eating in the restaurant.
4)Katie doing her homework as she had better more exciting things to do.
5)I had to my cousin´s boyfriend all weekend. He is one of the most annoying people I have ever met!
6)They were extremely when their boiler went wrong and they were without hot water for 3 days.
7)He didn´t really hurt his leg. He limped a bit, but he was only it to get out sympathy.
8)The boss did seem a bit short tempered. I it overwork.
9)Please this message to all employees.
10)Every month she some money for her new car.
11)The fireman managed to the fire before the damage was too great.
12)At the weekend the new married couple their new furniture.
13)Due to the dog´s inability to wlak it had to be
14)One of the secretary´s went to the boss and and idea as to how to control office parking.
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