Grammar - Verb + Infinitive

A. The to-infinitive is used:

1. To express purpose

  • I went to the shop to buy some fruit.
  • They never wanted to go away on holiday.

2. after certain verbs

agree / choose / dare / decide / expect / forget / help / hope / learn / manage / need / offer / promise / refuse / seem / want / would like / would love / would prefer / would hate

  • The teacher agreed to help the student with her homework
  • I promised to wash Pete's car before Sunday

3. After certain adjectives e.g. disappointed, relieved

  • We were disappointed to find out that our cat had been run over

4. As grammatical subject

  • To get to Cuffley you need to take Junction 17 of the M25.

5. After too/enough

  • This is not enough food here to eat



B. Bare Infinitive

The bare infinitive is used:

1. After certain modal verbs

  • I can speak French and Italian
  • We must go to the park

2. Verb + somebody + infinitive (no to)

  • I made her give me back my book

3. After certain expressions: would rather/sooner, had better, why not..

  • I'd rather watch that film
  • We'd better arrive on time



A. Comment on the differences in meaning between the following pairs of sentences

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comment A


B. Complete the following paragraph by putting the verb in brackets into the correct form: gerund, bare infinitive or to-infinitive.

complete B


C. Finish each of the following sentences so that it means the same as the sentence above it. In each case, use a gerund, bare infinitive or to-infinitive.

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1)It was good of you to go to the meeting. I really appreciated it. I really appreciated
2)You seem to do nothing but complain. I´ve had enough of it. I´m fed up
3)She hid her nervousness from us. She didn´t let us
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