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Study the following structural conversions and complete the exercises.


A. Better and Best

  • You'd better clean up your mess = You should / I strongly advice you to.
  • It's better to clean up than leave it in a mess = better of two alternatives
  • It´d be better to go to the gym than go to the bar = better of two alternatives
  • It's best to warm-up before going for a jog = best of several alternatives

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1)You re-new your contract with the owner before you start to have problems.
2)It an answer than to leave a blank space if you don´t know.
3)It to eat more fruit and vegetables.
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B. I'd rather / prefer / like

  • I'd rather go by plane than by bus.
  • I'd rather you didn't smoke in front of the children.
  • We'd prefer you not to smoke, if you don't mind.
  • They would like you to go to the hospital immediately.

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1) I stopped by today or tomorrow?.
2) to buy apples or pears?.
3) buy a flat than a house.
4) him not to come to the party.
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C. Wish, if only and hope

  • She wishes she were more intelligent.
  • She wishes (that) he had worked harder for his exams, but it's too late now.
  • If only I had worked harder, I would not be in this situation now.
  • I wish they wouldn't close the park before 21:00
  • I wish to speak to the Manager of the hotel.

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1)I he had worn the red shirt and not be the blue one.
2)IF only we in advance that the concert had been cancelled.
3)I hope we
4)I wish give up smoking cigars - they smell terrible.
5)I wish I
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D. It's time

  • It's time we got the car and went home
  • It's time they changed into their costumes

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1)It´s time they the exam.
2)It´s time we the chikdren home to bed.
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E. Suggest

  • I suggest that you should use a dictionary
  • He suggested using a dictionary

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1)They suggested to bed early tonight.
2)What do you suggest tonight?
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F. Rewrite the sentences beginning with the words indicated.


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1)Please don´t interrupt me when I´m talking on the phone. I´d rather
2)It would be a good idea to phone and find out what time the film starts. We suggest you
3)Don´t shout - speak quietly and calmly. It´s much better
4)Please let me know your decision today, not tomorrow. I´d prefer
5)Staying at home would be better than going out tonight. I´d rather
6)Please fill in the aplication form. I´d like
7)We ought to find out when the boat leaves to Morocco. It´s time we
8)What a shame you didn´t tell me earlier! If only
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