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A. Complete the following conditional sentences using the correct form of the verb in brackets

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1)If we had been to paris we that French people are very friendly.
2)The gorilla could have escaped if the zookeeper the gate.
3)If you don´t like it, .
4)If they had known then what they now, they you.
5)I wouldn´t have brougth an umbrella if I it was not raining.
6)I could repair the roof myself if I a ladder.
7)I you some food if I had known you were hungry.
8)If Sarah is there she the phone.
9)What if you saw a ghost in the bathroom?
10)Unless you turn that music down, I to visit the neighbours.
11)They so many accidents if they drove more carefully.
12)If somebody offered to buy my house I it inmediately.
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B. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the words given (Do not change the word given!).

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1)If my son has an accident phone the police. IF. Phone the police an accident.
2)Provided that you finish your homework before 6pm you can go out with your friends. CONDIDITON. You can go out with your friends finish your homework before 6pm.
3)Even though her C grade in her A-levels weren´t as hig as she had wanted, they were still good results. IF. Her grade C in her A-level exams, were still good results.
4)They would have gone to Paris if they had not gone to Rome. NOT. Had to Rome, they would have gone to Paris.
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