Gap Fill

A. Complete each sentence with one of the words or phrases given. You may need to conjugate the verbs and put them into the correct tenses!

To envisage / To peter out / About-turn / To bode / To slump / Balance / Break-up / Snapshot / To account for / Consortium / To falter / Run-up to / Boost / To subdue / Retail / High Street / To rip off / Cash flow


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1)The old man on the edge of the road.
2)These high interest rates do not well.
3)All major department stores have a presence on the
4)A large unit was available to rent.
5)Barclays bank allows its custumers to see their bank via an Internet web page.
6)A single of Alexés accounts showed more money going out than coming in.
7)Jim clould not the lack of money in his account.
8)Manchester City football club to 12th place in the premiership.
9)In the Christmas, people spend twice as much money as usual.
10)The rain had begun to
11)The aconomy was given a with the drop in interest rates.
12)The policeman the criminal with an arm lock.
13)Woolworth´s did an on their high pricing of computer games.
14)Alex could not living without his car.
15)The young woman had been buying a new car.
16)A of clothes manufactures had been arranged to them.
17)Good is the foundation of all successful businesses.
18)Microsoft is to its business units to try and avoid anticompetition claims.
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