Gap Fill

A. Complete each sentence with one of the words given.

Stardom / Best-seller / Eminence / Popularity / Aspiring / Champion / Renowned / Autograph / Outstanding / Talented / Posthumous / Status / Legendary / Precarious / Notorious

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1)His ability to drink large amounts of alcohol was
2)Mary´s new novel went straight to the top of the
3)The threat level of the American Army after the 9-11 attacks was high.
4)The old man had risen to as a brain surgeon.
5)Alex was for his Shepherds Pie.
6)Parts of south London are for their high crime levels.
7)The riflemen whose acts of gallantry during the siege were the first to result in the award of a Victoria Cross.
8)His work in particle physics was particulary .
9)The had begun.
10)The current 100 metre world is Justin Gatlin.
11)All she had wished for, since she was a small girl, was a shot at .
12)The young girl had waited for 3 hours to ask Robbie Williams for his
13)He was an actor.
14)Jim was more than most people gave him credit for.
15)The professor had suggested a solutions to a difficult problem.
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