Can we play tennis?

1.- Vocabulary

Free time activities

Free time: tiempo libre
Hobby: pasatiempo
Dancing: bailar
Walking: andar
Skiing: esquiar
Playing football: jugar al fútbol
Playing tennis: jugar al tenis 
Listening to music: escuchar música
Watching TV: ver la televisión 
Taking photographs: sacar fotos
Cooking: cocinar
Sailing: navegar a vela
Painting: pintar
Swimming: nadar
Reading: leer
Writing: escribir
Eating in restaurants: comer en restaurantes
Going to the cinema: ir al cine
Going out with friends: salir con amigos
Sunbathing: tomar el sol
Playing cards: jugar a las cartas
Fishing: pescar

To like: gustar
To love: encantar
To fancy: apetecer 
To enjoy: disfrutar
To hate: odiar
To be interested in: estar interesado en 
To have a good time: pasarlo bien 
To look forward to: tener ganas de hacer algo
To can’t stand: no aguantar
To get bored: aburrirse


1.A.- Practice

Write the following hobbies in order of preference. (1 is your favourite, 5 is your least favourite).

a) skiing
b) swimming
c) reading
d) listening to music
e) eating in restaurants


2.- Grammar: Verb + ing

In English, you can put two verbs together in a sentence.

  • I fancy going to the cinema
  • You like swimming in the sea

The second verb can go in the infinitive or the gerund (verb + ing). Here are some examples of verb + gerund:

  • I enjoy swimming
  • We love sailing 
  • They hate listening to classical music.

Here are some verbs that are followed by verb+ing (gerund):

To love
To like
To dislike 
To hate 
To enjoy
To fancy 
To can’t stand 
To finish
To start 
To consider 
To stop
To look forward to 
To be interested in


Some sentences:

  • My aunty loves playing cards.
  • In the evening I stop reading my book at midnight. 
  • We are interested in learning to swim. 
  • He can’t stand watching football. 
  • My grandparents dislike eating in restaurants.

2.A.- Practice

Complete each sentence with one of the following verbs.

To work / To play / To listen / To write / To go / To learn / To fish

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1)Chris and Jane are looking forward to on holiday in August with their family.
2)We are considering Chinesse before we go to China on holiday.
3)I start at six o´clock in the evening and finish at half past eight.
4)You hate to the radio in the mornings.
5)Tony and I can´t stand letters. We prefer to call people.
6)My brother is interested in . It´s his new hobby.
7)I dislike cards. I think it´s boring.
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3.- Reading

(Para ver la traducción hacer doble click en el texto; un click vuelve a posición original)


Can we play tennis?


Can we play tennis?


Can we play tennis?

Can we play tennis?


Can we play tennis?


3.A.- Practice

3.A.1.- Who are the sentences about?

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1) He/She can´t stand playing in the rain.
2) He/She doesn´t like playing tennis.
3) He/She doesn´t enjoy to the cinema.
4) He/She enjoy playing football.
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3.A.2.- Correct the mistakes in the sentences

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1) We are going to the cinema on Friday. We love watch romantic films.
2) They is looking forward to seeing Julia on Saturday.
3) At August they are going on holiday.
4) Anna and Suan have blondes hair.
5) I dislike eat chocolate.
6) In Sundays we enjoy playing cards.
7) The boys has school on Fridays.
8) You are really looking forward to go to Spain.
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