An Afternoon at the Museum

1.- Vocabulary

Months of the year

January: enero
February: febrero
March: marzo
April: abril
May: mayo
June: junio
July: julio
August: agosto
September: septiembre 
October: octubre
November: noviembre
December: diciembre

Days of the week

Monday: lunes
Tuesday: martes
Wednesday: miércoles
Thursday: jueves
Friday: viernes
Saturday: sábado
Sunday: domingo


1.A.- Practice

Find the months of the year




2.- Numbers and Time expression

One: uno
Two: dos
Three: tres
Four: cuatro
Five: cinco
Six: seis
Seven: siete
Eight: ocho
Nine: nueve
Ten: diez
Eleven: once
Twelve: doce
Thirteen: trece
Fourteen: catorce
Fifteen: quince
Sixteen: dieciséis
Seventeen: diecisiete
Eighteen: dieciocho
Nineteen: diecinueve
Twenty: veinte
Twenty one: veintiuno 
Twenty two: veintidos 
Thirty: treinta
Thirty one: treinta y uno 
Forty: cuarenta
Fifty: cincuenta
Sixty: sesenta

At midday: a mediodía 
At midnight: a medianoche 
In the morning: por la mañana 
In the afternoon: por la tarde
In the evening: por la tarde (después de las 6)
At night: por la noche

2.A.- Write the following numbers.

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1) 55
2) 59
3) 41
4) 63
5) 27
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3.- The Time


The Time
The Time
It’s five o’clock.
It’s half past twelve.
The Time
The Time
It’s quarter past twuelve
It’s quarter to one
The Time
The Time
It’s ten past ten
It’s ten to two



3.A.1.- Look at the clocks. Write the times.

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1) The Time
2) The Time
3) The Time
4) The Time
5) The Time
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3.A.2.- Write the time

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1) 10:00
2) 19:45
3) 17:25
4) 02:30
5) 06:05
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4.- Grammar

Prepositions of time: at / in / on

We use:


at 7 o'clock
at 12.30am
at lunchtime
at midday


in August
in winter
in the evening
in 1990

• ON for DAYS and DATES

on Monday
on Tuesdays
on 10th March
on 25th December 2020


  • I go to bed at 11pm. 
  • At lunchtime, I eat a sandwich.
  • Everyday I watch television at 9pm.
  • In August it is my birthday. 
  • On Monday I go to school. 
  • On 13th August it’s my birthday.


4.A.- Practice

Complete the sentences. Use on / in / at.

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1)My Birthday is September.
2) night I go out with my friends.
3)Julia works in the bank Saturdays.
4)He sometimes visits his grandmother March.
5)They play football Sundays.
6)It often rains January.
7)We eat dinner half past seven everyday.
8) two o´clock I start work.
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5.- Reading

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An Afternoon at the Museum


5.A.- Practice

5.A.1.- Answer the following questions

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1)What day is it?
2)Where does Anna want to go?
3)What time does Lucy finish work?
4)What time does the museum close on Mondays?
5)Who is going to London?
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5.A.2.– What do the times refer to?

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An Afternoon at the Museum
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