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Reading 6º: London Zoo.

Sonido Stop

Claire: Hi, can I ask you some questions about the event that happened last week?

Louise: Yes, of course.

Claire: Could you please tell me how the tiger escaped?

Louise: Well, I started work on the Monday at 09:00 and at 09:30 I went to feed the tigers. Tabby the female tiger was acting rather aggressive. She tried to eat all of the tiger's food. I was a bit worried because she tried to bite her mother and she has never tried anything like that before. Anyway, I left the tigers and I returned an hour later to see that everything was ok. When I arrived I screamed with horror because I found that the door of the tiger area was open. The door was destroyed. I counted the tigers and there was only one missing. I knew immediately that it was Tabby.

Claire: What did you do?

Louise: I informed the manager of the zoo and all of the workers. The zoo was closed immediately. All of the visitors had to leave. We all looked for Tabby.

Claire: Where did you find her? Louise: Well, I was walking past the elephant section and I noticed something strange, the elephants were making a lot of noise. Tabby had entered their section and was playing with the baby elephant. When she saw me she didn't move, she knew that she had been naughty. Then, she let me take her home.

Claire: Why do you think she escaped?

Louise: We all think that she escaped because she wants friends to play with; she showed this when she went to play with her elephant friend!

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