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Reading 30º: The old woman

Read this newspaper extract about an old lady who left 1000000 when she died.

(Use the words to complete the text 1. Centre 2. Quite 3. Magazines 4. Relatives 5. Neighbours 6. Cafeteria 7. Hairdresser's 8. Relatives 9. Community)

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When she died she was ________ old - 89 to be precise. She lived her whole life alone in a small two bedroom house in the ________ of London. Her house was old and with very little furniture. She didn't have a television or a radio.

The old lady didn't have any friends or ________, and she didn't belong to any clubs or associations, so she didn't have any friends. In fact nobody knew her in the _______, not even her _______.

She went out of her house, twice a week - early in the morning to go shopping and to have a cup of coffee and a piece of apple cake in her local _______. She never caught a bus or a train. She always walked.

After her death, Teresa Brown, 40, says, "once a month she used to come into the _______ and have her hair cut. She never talked to me, the only words she said were, 'my usual please', and then she would read some of the ________ . She loved reading 'Hello' magazine. It was her favourite!"

The irony of the story is that this old lady, who lived alone and hated talking to people, was one of the richest ladies in her neighbourhood!


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