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Food for thought

I live at home with my parents. A few weeks ago I started thinking about animal rights. Now I am a vegetarian. My problem is that my mum is very angry with me because my family loves eating meat. She refuses to cook different things for me; so every night all I eat is salad, vegetables, and bread and butter.

Why does my Mum have to be so horrible to me? Why can't she cook me something tasty?

Trevor, 15 years old

"I think that you are being a little selfish. You chose to stop eating meat, not your mum. Your mum is probably a very busy woman and doesn't have time to cook different things for you. I think you should cook for yourself. Backed potatoes, salads and rice are very easy to cook!"

Not fair

It is not fair I get 3.00 pocket money a week, but most of my friends get much more. When I ask my parents for more, they say that I can have more if I do some of the housework - cleaning, ironing, etc. My problem is that I hate doing the housework I find it really boring.

What do you think?

Louise, 13 years old

"I think that you are in a very lucky situation. You should be grateful. You get pocket money every week and your parents are offering you more money. You are too young to get a job, and so your parents are the only people who can help you out economically. If you really want extra pocket money then you have to do the housework. In life, we must do many things that we don't like!"


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